Worldwide B2B industry leader in workforce software for HR/operations teams.

Kronos came to Genuine to transition their site into a new era -- reflecting its global market presence and promoting their suite of cloud tools and services for workforce and human capital management. 

Our solution was to focus on the great employees that make organizations run. We wanted to show how Kronos supported people, not time clocks and demonstrate expertise in varied industries/markets by presenting Kronos’s world-class products.

The new site needs to turn the focus from features to a story about what Kronos does for the workforce.
— Product Design Stakeholder

The Genuine team worked hand-in-hand with the Kronos team to re-design their website with a complete brand new look and feel. This full content overhaul was developed on the new Drupal 8 platform with added personalization aspects for return visitors using Acquia Lift. 

This project was my first major UX endeavor at Genuine and I had the opportunity to touch many different parts of the project from information architecture and wireframing to usability testing and content strategy.

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Website Redesign

Jr. UX Designer

Lead UX Designer, Jr. UX Designer, Digital Strategist, Visual Designer, Account Executive, Project Manager, Marketing Director, Development Team (3 Back-End, 2 Front-End, 1 QA)




The original website didn’t fully utilize Kronos’s resource library or showcase Kronos products and their competitive advantages. Often, customers bypassed finding information on the site and talked to sales reps directly.

We wanted to connect visitors to the Kronos brand, see why Kronos is the better choice, and serve up content important to the customer’s needs.

Our goals were to:

  1. Ensure the website could be built in different languages across different global markets.
    Kronos is a global brand with various offerings across the markets. The templates used to build the site would have to be simple to use for the many content teams and flexible to accommodate different content types. 

  2. Bring out thought leadership.
    Show the depth of Kronos’s expertise in the human capital management space. In order for people to transition their thinking about Kronos, needs to help evolve how people think of workforce management and Kronos’s authority in the market. 

  3. Focus on user needs, not Kronos needs.
    Organize the content based on the way users think, not the way the business thinks. This is particularly important when talking about Kronos’s products and services.

  4. Guide the sale with the right content.
    As a B2B company, the purchasing process for Kronos is often times a year-long process. Content on the site should support all parts of this process from awareness to consideration to validation.

  5. Communicate a clearer product story.
    Showcase how Kronos products are top of the line and provide more to customers than competitor's offerings.




The website redesign process involved an in-depth discovery and definition phase. As a junior member on the team, I helped with the following:

Using the strategy findings and defined personas, we investigated the current site structure and determined what content should live on the new site.

  • Content audit
  • Conceptual sitemap
  • Competitive review
  • New content identification
  • Content planning matrix

With the research completed, we worked with Kronos to establish a site structure and tagging system for the new site.

  • Sitemap
  • Taxonomies
  • Tree testing

Each template was prototyped and tested through through remote usability testing. 

  • Template identification
  • Page outlines
  • Content guidelines
  • Wireframing and prototyping
  • Usability testing 

Templates were translated into functional specifications for the development team and onto a content platform for content entry teams to gather materials prior to site launch. 




After 11 months and 3000 pages, the launch went live globally with 13 sites in 9 different languages. The website garnered platinum honors in the B2B category from the 2017 Hermes Creative Awards and finalist honors for the “Best Website Design or Redesign” at the 2017 MITX Awards.

In the first three months, the newly launched

  • Increased contact conversion rate by 3% 
  • Increased thought-leadership Resources & Insights content consumption by over 500%
  • Increased conversion rate of gated content downloads (e.g. white papers and analyst reports) to 11%

View final wireframes > (pw: kronos)
View launched website > 

Evaluating the experience against our initial goals: 

  1. Ensure the website could be built in different languages across different global markets.
    To build out all of the websites, twenty templates were created using Drupal 8. This allowed our templates to be component-based and flexible, so that content editors could move and hide components as needed. 

    Users could easily swap between 13 region specific sites and 16 languages through a dropdown in the navigation.

  2. Bring out thought leadership.
    Major site sections were revamped to showcase Kronos’s expertise. This included a redesigned Resources & Insights content hub, Our Customers case study portal, and Why Kronos proof-point differentiator page. This content was cross-promoted throughout the site. 

  3. Focus on user needs, not Kronos needs.
    Users explore products and related content (case studies, resources, etc.) based on what was most important to them - by business needs, by industry or by product suite.

Guide users with intuitive information architecture. 

  1. Guide the sale with the right content.
    With Acquia Lift, tagging content with taxonomies allows content to be served up to the customer. By remembering the choices the user made on the site or the pages that the user previously visited, content can be personalized to their needs.

  2. Communicate a clearer product story.
    Product pages provide an overview before delving into features and benefits. Users can see how the products are used in the real world through demo videos, application screenshots, resources and case studies.


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